San Marino's Lacy Park, Old Mill, and Taiwanese Sister City

San Marino is home to one of the world’s greatest cultural, research, and educational centers the Huntington Library. A private, nonprofit institution, The Huntington was founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington, an exceptional businessman who built a financial empire that included railroad companies, utilities, and real estate holdings in Southern California. Huntington was also a man of vision – with a special interest in books, art, and gardens.

Citizen Satisfaction

“A Better Way of Life” isn’t just the Town motto; it’s a fact. According to a 2011 survey, 78% of residents rated the quality of life in Apple Valley as good or very good, and 81% were satisfied with the Town’s overall performance in providing municipal services. The 2011 results are virtually unchanged since the last survey in 2009. These figures are an excellent indication that the Town Council and staff are on the right track in providing the services Apple Valley residents demand. When looked at in light of the current economy and the oft-cited distrust of government by the public, the public acknowledgment of the Town’s success is especially notable. Nearly 80% indicated satisfaction with the Town’s communication efforts. Our Town, the printed quarterly newsletter, was cited as the top source of information for residents, with 90% finding direct-mailed newsletters as an effective method of communication. Almost half of residents had visited the Town’s website sometime in the past 12 months. The survey also provided evidence that Vision 2020, a set of ten goals established by the Town Council, is a clear and accurate reflection of citizen priorities as well. When asked to rank the importance of services provided by the Town, as well as suggest spending priorities, public safety, transportation, economic development and parks and recreation were all at the top of the citizen list, and all are important parts of Vision 2020. The Apple Valley Town Council recognizes the importance not only of subjective feedback received from residents on a daily basis, but in an objective measurement every two years. This survey has become an important measurement of our performance as well as a valuable tool during the budget process.



Town Manager Frank Robinson

“As manager it is my role to offer sound support to the Town Council, and then relay Council direction to staff in a clear and concise manner. Transparency in an environment of trust is the only...

Success with Wal-Mart

"The Town of Apple Valley simultaneously processed five separate development applications related to our 1.34 million square foot distribution facility in just 4 ½ months. The Town was also...

Promoting Business

"The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting the business community by serving as its advocate. We work closely with the Town of Apple Valley and provide support and guidance in...

Providing Programs

"As the largest private employer in the Town of Apple Valley, St. Mary Medical Center embraces our role as a community leader, and we are proud to partner with the Town on many projects. The Town...