San Marino's Lacy Park, Old Mill, and Taiwanese Sister City

San Marino is home to one of the world’s greatest cultural, research, and educational centers the Huntington Library. A private, nonprofit institution, The Huntington was founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington, an exceptional businessman who built a financial empire that included railroad companies, utilities, and real estate holdings in Southern California. Huntington was also a man of vision – with a special interest in books, art, and gardens.

"Strong Cities | Strong State" City #37: Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills makes its way on to the “Strong Cities | Strong State” website with a bang. This unique suburban community nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and Cheseboro Canyon is exemplified by a commitment to the preservation of its history, a high quality of life, a vibrant business community, and environmental sensitivity. It’s more than 20,000 residents enjoy endless outdoor activities, including mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, and road cycling.

Agoura Hills’s success stories include the following:

Public Safety & Emergency Enhancements: Agoura Hills started its own Volunteers on Patrol program to provide additional eyes and ears in the community. The City also expanded the existing Community Emergency Response Teams, in conjunction with Los Angeles County. 

New Recreation/Senior Center: Using a property that was in foreclosure, the City of Agoura Hills created a new Recreation center, complete with protected open space, with space reserved for both local teens and seniors.

Tourism Initiative Business Promotion: In tough economic times, the City of Agoura has been seeking creative ways to build revenue. One of these has been to promote tourism, which the city does in such a way that benefits both local businesses and residents.

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