San Marino's Lacy Park, Old Mill, and Taiwanese Sister City

San Marino is home to one of the world’s greatest cultural, research, and educational centers the Huntington Library. A private, nonprofit institution, The Huntington was founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington, an exceptional businessman who built a financial empire that included railroad companies, utilities, and real estate holdings in Southern California. Huntington was also a man of vision – with a special interest in books, art, and gardens.

City of Carson Constructs Mixed-Use Boulevards at South Bay, Stabilizes Neighborhoods, and Offers Prescription Drug Plans to Residents

The City of Carson was incorporated on February 20, 1968. In just 43 years, Carson has evolved from its humble beginning as a community identified with landfills and auto junkyards into a quiet bedroom community, and now into a flourishing city of opportunities, and known first-hand by many Fortune 1000 companies as a “great place to do business.” Approximately 92,000 people of diverse cultural backgrounds call Carson their home. The thriving journey of this young city and its people is a testament to its motto: Future Unlimited.

Carson’s success stories include the following:

• Construction of the Boulevards at South Bay: This former CalCompact landfill site has been undergoing remediation for the past two years to give way to the biggest mixed-use development in the region – the Boulevards at South Bay.

• Neighborhood Stabilization Program: In 2010, the City of Carson has implemented $2.24 in grant funds as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) in which the City purchases some of the most distressed properties that negatively impact the property value of the properties around them, and turn them into assets with positive property value.

• Prescription Drug Plan Program: The City of Carson partnered with the National League of Cities (NLC) to provide up to 23% discount on prescription drugs to Carson residents – whether or not they have insurance. This program will help residents with some relief from the high cost of prescription medications.

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